What truly motivates Mario is to be a hero to his son, Miguel

his family


Fighting for his family

his place

Mario lives in a three bedroom apartment in the Les Prospect Houses, a housing project in Mattahan’s Northester neighborhood. He is married to Soledad Rios, his first love. Mario is just starting out in his boxing career trying to eke out a living  for himself, his wife, and their children.

Mario Bermúdez, a Boricua fighter


his instructor

Here’s Mario Bermúdez, ” El Destructor “. Although he’s never lived in Puerto Rico, New York native Mario Bermúdez is a Boricua fighter through and though. Mario had a difficult childwood and began stealing at a young age to support his family. He met his instructor José Santos, in a juvenile reformatory school. José Santos is a ring legends for Puerto Rico and he owns a boxing club in Northester (Upper Mattahan) where he can defend his KPOS program : keep people off the streets. It’s a safe place to play and to learn discipline.