Malachite NYCTA

Malachite is an underground subway station.

malachite station

2×4 Fully Furnished Residential Lot for The Sims 2. Use cheat changeLotZoning community to change into a community lot. Expansion or stuff packs Required :  Apartment Life and Mansion & Garden


I used to play with Malachite Station in The Sims 2 Homeless Challenge. I think this station can be a good place to live for a hobo or a busker.


Last but not least a hudge thanks to all  cc creators I might forget who helped me make this possible.

Special thanks to :

sassysims2 : Set urbano, estation de tren subterraneo.

vovillacorp : LTA Subway Train, Police cruiser, Taxis.

maryata zone : Citizens in the  city.

ahowardmiller : SIM TODAY Newspaper Stand.

curiousb : London Arches.


Malachite Station


More pics here


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