About Me

This place is a web corner where I can share some of my Sims2 pictures and stories. More than a passion, this game is an addiction. Lol.
I like to sim New York.
I like urban downloads.
I’m into grunge.
I love pets.
I’ve played The Sims 2,3 & 4 but The Sims 2 is my favourite by far.
My favorite sims blogs are:  MochaSimsMilaSimsWorld , Lana CC Finds , SullivanrandomnessS &G  , Sims2bestcityChris Urban Corner , lilith-sims, bayoubashsimsSunni Designs , AsasimsAlwayssims2 , Ms5starchic23, LilSister’s Sims , URBANc , Insimenator.org, nikaonishkoDo-the-sim-thingStrawberrikhunnieWendigoMrSim2 , Lowedeus, itgirlsims,  Sims 4 Rent, 2fingerswhiskey, Sims Urbania, Ctron , deedee-sims,  criquette was herelovelacing, All About Style,  deeleesstuffpoppet-simsMyBsims , gardenofshadowsImagine That!  Last word : a Hudge Thank you to all people who share their Custom Content with the sims community ! 🙂


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